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How it Works.

If you're intersted in displaying our art in your business, the process is simple. 

Important Note: In order to be eligible for consignment, the business must be within 20 miles of (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) North Carolina. 


1. Contact us with some details about your business and your location. 






2. We'll deliver the painting to your local business, and hang it on the wall of your choosing. 





5. When the art sells in your business, we'll deliver another painting in it's place free of charge. 



4. Customer can either pay online, or cash/check/credit "we pay transaction cost". The customer now owns the painting, and they are free to take it with them. 




3. Display the art in your business with a placard (included) that explains the art. The painting placard will explain how customers can purchase the art if the want. 

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