Featured Artists

The featured artists on this site are curated by Amazon.com. They were both hand selected in January 2016 to sell their art on the new Amazon Handmade store. Visit our Amazon store for more details. 

Picture of Brian Gualillo

Brian Gualillo (Founder)

Brian is constantly learning, growing, and exploring his skills without boundary to discipline or topic. He's insatiably curious, and that leads him down many paths. He's always open to new ideas, but highly selective in the approach he chooses. He's a motivated, focused, creative individual looking to expand his skills.


Brian's mix of left and right brain focus allows him to express his creativity in unique ways. Whether it's his geometric art, website design, or simply coming up with new business ideas; Brian is focused. 


His artsy side is tempered with a strong performance driven mindset, and hard experience working as an entrepreneur. 

Picture of Julia Condit

Julia Condit (Artist)

Julia is a very talented artist that can create landscapes with expert precision. Her skill with mix media allows her to explore various styles. She's comfortable creating both abstract, and realistic art. She favors ocean scenes, galaxies, and nature painted in dramatic ways. 


Julia is constantly looking for opportunities to expand her skills, and her art.